3 Reasons Why You Should Love Halloween As Much As Your Kids…

Halloween photo

We love, love, love Halloween in our house. If you don’t, maybe these tree reasons can help you become a believer in why you should love Halloween as much as your kids…

1. You Get Free Candy…Again You Get Free Candy! – Minus the expense that you have to give candy to the kids that come trick or treating to your house, your kids will get a lot of candy. Of course, you as the parent, need to check all the candy to make sure it is safe to eat. My son is allergic to peanuts and nuts, so in our house, it’s a matter of life or death to check candy. But after we do, it is awesome. After my kids go into sugar comma, I devour those candy bags. Yes! and the best part, they usually have so much that they don’t notice the candy that is missing – well, most of the time.

2. You Get to Dress Up…Again You Get to Dress Up! – Tell me when again during the year, can you pick whatever costume you want and get to wear it, and your kids won’t think you are weird or silly – well, most of the time. But seriously, you have permission from the Halloween holiday gods. Dress up and have fun with it. Even if your kids don’t approve, you still get to use the Halloween Free Card.

3. It kick-starts Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…– After Halloween, everything comes, one holiday after the other, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and all its glory), New Year’s…wait, what!!?? If you love the holidays like we do, we look forward to Halloween as the start of the holiday fall season. The very next day after putting away our Halloween costumes, and being sick from eating all the candy (sick maybe but with no regrets), we start thinking about the turkey, and the stuffing and the family time, so it creates a wonderful sense of expectation.

I’m sure they are many more reasons for loving Halloween, but these are some of the best. Go get a costume, trick or treat with your kids, eat candy, and then start your plans for Turkey day!