3 Tips Not to Break the Bank This Holiday Season…

christmas shopping photo

I know every holiday season is the same story, you spend and spend and then you “spend” the next few months paying off all you bought for Christmas.  And you always promise yourself that the next year will be different and you will have a plan and budget, and you will have saved the money for all the Christmas shopping, but you never do.  I never do.  I always say I will but then life gets in the way and I always end up in the same place when December comes around.  But from thinking about it so much, I have come up with some really good tips so that at least, I don’t break the bank with all the spending we do during the month of December. Here I give you three tips on how not to break the bank this holiday season.

1. Listen to that little voice in October – OK don’t ignore that little voice inside of you that starts telling you in October to really think about what you are going to do in December.  You always ignore this voice – don’t be too hard on yourself, I do.  But if you listen to it, then you will see that that is your subconscious or prior life experience preparing you for what’s coming.

2. Start saving if you listened to the little voice from step #1 – OK, let’s say that you actually paid attention to that inner voice and you realized that you are going to take control of your spending this upcoming holiday season, well at this point all you have to do is start saving, stash away some money and when December comes you will be in a better place.  Trust. Me.

3. Now list and budget – I know this may involve work especially during the months of October and November, but first ask your kids what they are thinking about asking Santa this year.  Then, think about what you are planning to get your family and friends.  Next, write it down and do some research online to see the prices for those things.  This combined with your saving will save you from breaking  the bank.

I know that it may seem like a lot of work, but if you follow these steps your holiday season will be happier because you will control the finance aspect of it, and you will not let it control you.