5 Must Activities To Do During This Christmas Break…

christmas traditions photo

There is much to do during this Christmas break, but many times when we find ourselves with little ones off from school for two weeks, the stress level can go up quite fast.  But, don’t worry, here I’ll share five activities that you can do with your kids this Christmas break that are fun and will not break the bank.

Go look at Christmas lights around the neighborhood – I know, I know; too simple but so clever.  Wait until it gets darker, put your kids in the car and drive around your neighborhood.  It’s so much fun and inexpensive.  You will find that you enjoy it just as much as they do.

Check out free events at shopping malls – If you can stand the urge to spend money unnecessarily at the mall these little trips can be really fun.  We have a mall close to our house that has live music and snow during Christmas time and we always make time to take the kids.  Plus they always have Santa, and I love to have the kids take the picture with Santa.  Most of the time it’s free.

Holiday story time at the public library – For this one, go online and find out what type of special events your local public library is hosting.  They usually have arts and crafts and holiday story time events for free and your kids will love it.   Also find out in private stores such as, Barnes and Nobles, host free story time events during the holidays.

Watch classic Christmas movies with your own family in your home – The beauty of this one is that classic Christmas movies are so cheap, you probably already have a couple of the DVDs or you could watch them on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.  The point is that you can create new traditions with your family by watching together your favorite Christmas movies – in my family, we always watch “Home Alone,” “The Santa Claus,” “A Christmas Story,” and “Elf.”  Now go on and create your own tradition.

Create an ornament for your Christmas tree every year – I know many times you expect the kids to bring these artsy creations from school, but the truth is that sometimes teachers don’t have time.  So, create your tradition by creating a special ornament for that year.  You can find all kinds of ideas online, my favorite ones are on pinterest but just do a google search and find something that you would like to create with them.  I like to create with my kids something that includes their picture so that I can see how they grow every year when I put up the ornament on the Christmas tree.

Try one of these or all five, you’ll find that you be having a lot of fun and creating magical memories with your kids.  Who knows maybe even when your kids are adults they’ll want to continue these activities with their own kids.  And you’ll get to enjoy them with your grandkids.