A Woman’s (and mom) Guide To Beating Insomnia. This Everyday Pill Was Keeping Me Up at Night

Insomnia is scary. I know all about it. I’ve suffered from it my whole life. It’s not what people think – you know a couple of bad nights and then you go back to normal. No, it destroys your life in a very real way. Imagine not being able to sleep (soundly) for days, weeks, months and then you need to still go to work, school, be mom, be a wife, have a regular social life but without sleep. Your life, your thoughts become all about sleep and how you cannot sleep. Imagine, your body is tired, your brain is not functioning well, and you will get sick. It is inevitable. Human bodies need to sleep. And you can’t do your job right, you are always in a bad mood with your kids and spouse because you are tired and can’t get anything done.

I tried everything: a warm bath, warm milk, journaling, tea, a glass of wine (more like 3 to be honest), over the counter (and under the counter) drugs, reading, not reading, no electronics in bed, getting out of bed, anything and everything under sun. Then when all was lost, I decided to go to my general doctor and asked him for sleeping pills, but he tells me that he can’t give me prescription drugs without an actual medical reason and that I’m too young. And he goes over all the medical reasons why prescription pills are going to be bad for my overall health and I’ll become addicted to them and once I’m addicted, the problem will be much worse. So he sends me to see a counselor that can possibly help me with behavioral strategies. Needless to say, it didn’t help.

Here is what did help.

I’m sure you have all heard about melatonin and how it is supposed to help you sleep. Well, of course I had tried this before so I was skeptical.

BUT…here is what I didn’t know that was a game changer for me. I only found this out because I causally mentioned my Motrin use to a visiting cousin who is a physician.

According to a Bowling Green State University and published in the National Institute of Health website:

“Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs alter body temperature and suppress melatonin in humans.”

In case you don’t know what Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are, you might now them as Motrin, Advil, and dozens of generics found in your pharmacy.

I had been taking Motrin almost daily for Migraines…probably cause by my lack of sleep. Ironically it was probably the Motrin that kept my body from producing the melatonin it needed to regulate my sleep.

So here is what you should do if you have insomnia.

1. STOP taking Motrin, Advil, or other anti-inflammatory drugs

2. Order today a product called Sleep Spray

Remember! Melatonin is a hormone so using more is not always better. In fact it may stop working if you use too much. I suggest taking half of the recommended dosage.

The sleep spray I mentioned available to try for around $1. I think that deal is still going on.

Anyway, hope this helps all you insomniac ladies and moms out there!