How Kids Made Me a Better Person

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  I have considered myself a decent human being, but after you have your own kids, either you change so much more for the best or for the worst.  In my case, they changed me for the best – no they didn’t change me, they revolutionized me for the better of course.  I have learned […]

The 10 Hottest Toys of 2015 You Have to Buy Today

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10 Top Toys to Get This Holiday Season With the holiday season approaching, I’m really nervous. I’m a mom of two kids under 10 and this is the time to panic, to figure out what they want for Christmas. They get the toys catalogs, they circle everything. I gently remind them that Santa can’t bring […]

5 Hacks To Get Your Life Back In Order


My life as a mom can go from normal to chaos in just minutes. I may have my week planned and then comes the unexpected party at school, the homemade project for my kindergartener that I find out about like the day before, or the doctor appointment that I have to go today because my […]

3 Hacks For Thanksgiving To Go Smoothly…

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Now that Halloween is over and we are all sick of that candy, it’s time to start thinking about Turkey Day. I love, love everything about it, especially that it comes on the heels of Halloween. Halloween kicks starts the Fall holiday season in my household. But, it is still stressing. There is not much […]

How An Extroverted Parent Can Relate To Her Introverted Kids…


To my utter surprise, I’m not really an introvert. I recently read the popular book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” to try to understand better our family dynamics only to figure out that both my kids and my husband are full blown introverts and I’m truly the extrovert. […]

How Friendships Help Moms Be Happier…


Remember how friendships were the soul of our existence in high school and then we grow up, mature, get jobs, get married, have children and they become the soul of our existence. About two decades go by, and you get settled into your life, and then you feel something missing, your friends. You realize that […]