Check Out These Top 5 Celebrity Moms…

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Given, there are countless examples of bad celebrity moms, but how about we take a look at some of the good ones. Check out these top 5 celebrity moms:

1. Kelly Ripa – Everyone loves Kelly as a hostess, person and also, a mommy. She’s one of my mommy celebrity heroes. She’s has had a stable life, no major drama with her kids and her parenting advice is pretty good. I’m sure you have read somewhere her famous quote that she’s her kids’ parent and not their friend. And that’s exactly right. Pretty solid useful advice from a smart celebrity mommy.

2. Christy Brinkley – A model? Yes, so what. She seems like a dedicated mom. She always talks about her kids first and most – if you don’t believe me, just google any of her interviews and check it out. Unlike Kelly, she is divorced and her kids are from different dads, so what. She made it work and her kids are just fine. She hasn’t let aging or divorce stop her from raising three kids and continues to be successful in her own right.

3. Melissa McCarthy – I had to throw a comedian in the mix, but hear me out. This is one classy but extremely funny lady. Again, in interviews her focus is her kids and how much they mean to her. She’s had a pretty stable life and career. She proves that motherhood gives you the best funny material ever.

4. Ronda Rousey’s Mom – Well, she’s the mom of a major celebrity and champion, but come on, if she produced Ronda, you know she’s a bad ass mom. AnnMaria De Mars is the mom of Ronda Rousey, and if you’ve been living under a rock, Ronda is the greatest female fighter the world has seen. She raised four well rounded women, she is a champion in Judo, she has a PhD and she’s a business owner, plus she created the greatest athlete of all time.

5. Denise Austin – By far the best female fitness guru of all times, and a great mom. I have followed Denise since I was 10 years old, she’s my idol. She’s almost 60 years old and still looks 30 – wow! all that exercising is truly the fountain of youth. But she’s one of the top celebrity moms, because she has raised two amazing beautiful young women that seem to adore her to the core. She would include her daughters in her interviews and books since they were toddlers. Her face lights up when she speaks of her kids and of being a mom.

These are my picks, what are yours? There are many other awesome celebrity moms that are able to raise their kids in the crazy world of showbiz, so if they can do it, so can we.