Five Real Jobs You Can Work Around Your Kids’ Schedule

Five real jobs you can work around your kids’ schedule – for real? Yes, you see I was once a kidless young woman that used to love her corporate job. I used to work from 7 am to 8 pm, was married but my husband worked long hours too and went to school. I was that young woman until I had my first baby. Then I stayed home and it was great, I was still young and got to raise my baby, but that journey then turned into an 8 year run. I had my two kids, but by the time the little one was two I’ve had enough and was ready to go back to work. But, I was not ready to have a regular 9-5 pm, no I wanted something flexible, and around my kids schedule. Here I give five real jobs you work around your kids’ schedule:

#1 – Substitute Teacher
You will need to pass a class and get certified, then visit the schools that you would like to sub in. The pay is pretty good and you control your assignments. When I was a sub teacher, I used to sub at my older kid’s school. But once in a while when my two year old got sick in preschool, I would stay with him and turn down assignments. The schools were usually very understanding. You just have to let them know when you are ready to go back to accepting assignments. The most important thing is that you do a good job so the schools keep calling you back.

#2 – Freelance Writing Gigs
If you are good with words, then write your heart away. There are many websites that hire freelance writers for assignments and you are paid by the assignment or quantity of words. This one is really good for mommies that want to work at home while their kids are infants, you can literally write at night or during nap times. If you are a single or divorced mommy, you can also do this to earn some extra cash for your house.

#3 – Real Estate Agent
For this alternative, you need to find out the requirements in your state – you usually have to pass a class and the state exam to be licensed, and then find a broker through whom you can work as an independent contractor. This job can give you great flexibility and income, but you do need to have a support system for the times that you need to meet with clients and show properties, which is usually on the weekends and in the evenings.

#4 – Arts and Crafts
This is a great alternative if you are a crafty and creative person – unlike me. I have a friend who’s a stay at home mom, and is awesome creating arts and crafts. She is also a fantastic special events planner. She makes a pretty decent living by selling her creations online. People also hire her to plan and execute all the details of birthday parties and special occasions.

#5 – Uber and Airbnb
Now with the digital world at our finger tips, there are so many options to work as independent contractors. You are mommy and you have a car, then you can drive people around and make great money by joining the likes of Uber. You have an extra room you can rent, then join Airbnb, and rent it out and make some cash.

These are just five options that you can start exploring right away, so get going because mommies can make a ton of extra cash on our own terms.