What Mom Never Told You About Christmas


  You want to know the busiest and most anxiety producing month of the year for moms, well, it’s the month of December.  I honestly don’t know how I survive it.  I used to enjoy it so much when I didn’t have kids – I mean I had my shopping madness and decorating anxiety but […]

3 Fun But Historically True Facts About Christmas


  By the time that Christmas rolls around, we are so used to all the traditions and things we do every year that we never stop to think about where these traditions come from.  We just take them as well “the way that we have always celebrated Christmas.” Besides, the Christmas holidays are supposed to […]

K.K. vs R.R. – Who’s The Better Role Model?


Although only one of them is a mom, Kim K. and the other one not, Ronda Rousey, I write this not to talk about mommy styles but to discuss, female role models for my daughter. I have a daughter. I have a son. I’m more worried about my daughter than my son in regards to […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Halloween As Much As Your Kids…


We love, love, love Halloween in our house. If you don’t, maybe these tree reasons can help you become a believer in why you should love Halloween as much as your kids… 1. You Get Free Candy…Again You Get Free Candy! – Minus the expense that you have to give candy to the kids that […]

Check Out These Top 5 Celebrity Moms…


Given, there are countless examples of bad celebrity moms, but how about we take a look at some of the good ones. Check out these top 5 celebrity moms: 1. Kelly Ripa – Everyone loves Kelly as a hostess, person and also, a mommy. She’s one of my mommy celebrity heroes. She’s has had a […]

What Will Parenting Look Like in 20 Years?

Photo by Bill Ward's Brickpile

I actually think the future will be awesome.  Life is depressing as it is if you focus on the negative.  And also if you are mom, well we know it’s not easy, right. But technology has made our lives so much better that I can only imagine how it will help us while parenting kids […]