5 Best TV Shows for Mom


  I’m a mom and that equals almost no time for myself, but you knew this already.  You are just like me, busy, going, going, going, but sometimes we just want to slow down and crash in front of the TV – and please I mean crash in front of the TV and watch an […]

Top Five Magazines For Mom


Moms don’t have time to read most of the time – really we don’t.  After reading homework and books right before bed time, I just want my mind to “vegetate.”  This is the mind mode where I don’t want to think but be entertained by TV, my phone or sometimes magazines.  I enjoy magazines, they […]

5 Cool Gadgets That Mom Will Actually Enjoy Using


As moms, we never stop and we have to keep going. Sometimes, no scratch that, all the time I feel like the Energizer bunny. I have to keep going and going and going. But I like to do it in style and of course, efficiently! because if I can get a couple of things done […]

5 Top Movies For Mom


I grew up in a house where going to the movies was also called “bonding” as a family. Both of my parents loved the movies. I had special movies that I would only watch with dad – Rocky, Rambo, Star Wars. And then there were the softer movies I watched with my mom. Here is […]

5 Fun But Cheap Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids

Photo by Melissa Hillier

When you have kids, the thought of going out translates to spending money, lots of money. Everything costs money these days or it feels like you have to spend money to be able to have a good time outside the house. Well, it depends on how you look at it and what you are actually […]