1 Trick to Help You Study and Remember Better

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A lot of stay at home moms use their time to study and learn a new trade, or freshen up on their skills. However, if it’s been 10 or 20 years since you have sat down and opened a textbook you might be a bit rusty. First we need to remember that each of us learns best in a different way. However, the tip I’m going to share with you later in the post can help all types of people.

The first example of learners are auditory learners, meaning they learn and grasp ideas better when they hear someone explain it, in most cases a teacher or lecturer even in an audio book can be the most helpful in learning. Some of the characteristics of auditory learners are:

  • Learns best in classroom environment with small groups
  • Follows oral instructions well
  • Finds it difficult to work quietly for long periods of time

It is believed that about 30% of the school age population are auditory learners.

The second example of learning style is the visual or spatial style. As the name suggests, this person learns best by looking at pictures or having concepts explained graphically. To take a real world example, this person would probably understand something better if shown in a powerpoint presentation than if explained verbally.

The last version is the kinesthetic learner. This is the person that learns by doing. Personally, this is my favorite way of learning. It gets you to actually do what you are trying to learn to do. Now, obviously this works better for some subjects and not others.

In the end, we all learn with a combination of the three types of learning I’ve listed above. No matter what you want to learn to do, the easiest way for me to remember more when studying, is to pretend that I am going to have to teach whatever I am learning to someone else. I take notes, do exercises, and complete tasks but always in the back of my mind I pretend that I’m going to have to teach what I am learning to someone else. Recently, I was studying for my real estate license exam, on any given day you could see me explaining back to my 5 year old how contracts for listings work!. Of course he just stared at me like, “mom, I have better things to do.”

That’s it!