How Kids Made Me a Better Person


I have considered myself a decent human being, but after you have your own kids, either you change so much more for the best or for the worst.  In my case, they changed me for the best – no they didn’t change me, they revolutionized me for the better of course.  I have learned that even as a decent human being I was lacking in some areas of human development, and I’ll share those with you now, how kids made me a better person:

I don’t suffer from any selfishness – If there is one thing that kids take away from you is the ability to be selfish – of course if they change you for the better because I have seen some parents that have become more selfish after having kids, but really they are the minority.  Most of the parents I know, really learn what it means to give up everything and anything for another human being after they have a kid.  It doesn’t matter if you are married to the most wonderful man or woman.  My husband is the best, but my kids come before him, and I know that our kids come first to him than me.  You learn that no sacrifice is enough and that you do literally anything to keep your kids safe and happy.

I’m braver than before –  I find myself trying new things and sticking to things for my kids.  I want to set an example because I know they are always watching and noticing everything I do and say.  I’m the biggest influencer in their lives – forget peer pressure, yes it’ s real and powerful, but the influence of a parent can be stronger.  Many times kids turn to peer presssure because a parent is absent, and that’s still an influence, by not being there as a  parent, you are strongly influencing your kid.

I take better care of myself  – I really try to be healthy, I do want to be around for  a long time in their lives.  For me, staying healthy has become a way of life.  I take care of my body so that I can freaking last a long time.  I’m vested in my kids, I want to be around to see them grow and get old and be a part of their lives for a very long time -maybe this is a little bit selfish but selfish because my love for them has no boundaries.

I’m an expert at patience – You may think you were patient before kids, but you are probably really wrong.  You don’t understand the meaning of patience, no let me clarify, you don’t really know what patience is until you have kids.  You learn it by experience – by not sleeping when they are little, when they are sick, when you are trying to teach them, when you miss them intensely – patience becomes such an ingrained part of your vocabulary because you live it daily.  My life is such much better these days when I have come to understand the true meaning of the word = patience.

These are just four ways how kids have made me a better person.  There are many more ways but these are four that have become significant in my life, what are yours? How have your kids made you into a better person? Don’t take my word for it, think about it and write them down, you’ll see how much richness and depth your kids have added to your own life.