K.K. vs R.R. – Who’s The Better Role Model?

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Although only one of them is a mom, Kim K. and the other one not, Ronda Rousey, I write this not to talk about mommy styles but to discuss, female role models for my daughter.

I have a daughter. I have a son. I’m more worried about my daughter than my son in regards to outside influences. My son will not have a problem with self esteem. I know this. I see it now in his personality DNA. But my daughter has the disadvantage of being a girl. Yes, a girl. Self-esteem issues nowadays are only attributed to girls. It’s a reality. Don’t hide from it. Face it. Deal with it.

She is tween. She will soon be a teen. I don’t allow Kim K in my house. I allow Ronda Rousey. No, my daughter is not a bully. Far from it. She is the most delicate of creatures. Soft, timid, easily impressed. 

I do push Ronda Rousey, not only because she’s a bad ass but because she’s a good role model for girls. Allow me to explain…

Kim K is famous for being famous. She’s is stunning, her style is superb and her life is envious. But her job is to be Kim K. Her life is her job and her job is her life. I do admire her. She’s extremely good at what she does. But do I want my daughter to be impressed by her. No. Can I explain Kim K’s business genius to my daughter now? No, she won’t get it.

But I can compare Kim K. and Ronda R. at a level that she will understand, and Ronda will win.
Ronda can be made to look as stunning and beautiful as Kim K., but she commands respect with make up or no make up.

What does Kim K . command? Give me Kim K. in her bare bones, and she’s just a mere mortal like all of us. But, take that away, and what do you have? Can she command your respect? I doubt it, she can command your envy, most probably.

And when I think of the real world, I know my daughter is always watching, listening and being influenced by all that is being thrown at her. She is a child of the digital world and I wouldn’t take away that from her, but I can give her suggestions – you want to admire a celebrity, look up to Ronda my child, sure be entertained by Kim K but nothing else.