5 Must Activities To Do During This Christmas Break…


There is much to do during this Christmas break, but many times when we find ourselves with little ones off from school for two weeks, the stress level can go up quite fast.  But, don’t worry, here I’ll share five activities that you can do with your kids this Christmas break that are fun and […]

How Common Core Changed Our Lives for The Better!

Photo by woodleywonderworks

The last time I checked, math was still doable by adults. Oh but wait, then came common core and now not even the adults can solve 3rd and 4th grade math. My daughter is in 4th grade and our state adopted common core two years ago. Third grade was ok, not great. But OK. My […]

3 Benefits of Letting Your Kids Pick Out Their Own Clothes


Believe or not, there are some real benefits to letting your kids pick out their own clothes. I know it may be hard for us moms to let go of that power, because of course we know best. But, I learned from my own experience that being too controlling of something as picking kids clothes […]

How to Survive the Drama of 4th Grade

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I had totally forgotten the female drama of the 4th grade until recently when my daughter, currently in 4th grade, reminded me. And all the memories came rushing back. I was stunned, yes 4th grade was kind of rough, but you know what is rougher than that is having to see my daughter go through […]