The Mom’s Guide to Creating a Resume

Us moms do everything. We are the whole team rolled up in one fabulous person. Sometimes is hard to sum up all that we are and do in one page resume. But no worries, in this short tutorial I will show you how to do it. Remember a resume is just a quick summary of what you have studied, where you have worked and any other special business skills you feel the world needs to know. It’s not a daunting task, maybe boring but once you do it once you can save it and tweak it as needed. I created this sample resume using Microsoft Word 2010. If you have a more recent version, it’s OK it should work just fine.

Follow the steps below to Create a Simple Resume

Any resume will have;

  • Contact information
  • Education/training
  • Work history
  • Specials skills

A reference section is not used anymore. When you are called to interview, feel free to bring your reference page with names, titles and telephone numbers.

Let’s get started!

Creating a Basic Resume Using Microsoft Word 2010:

1. Go to File>New and open up a new document. Enter the contact information at the top of the page. Include your name and last name, address, mobile telephone number and email as seen below next to step 1. (The text of the resume will be in Times New Roman font and the sections in Arial to differentiate sections and make the resume more visually appealing.)

  1. The next section is labeled “Education/Training” (type it in bold caps, 14 pt. Arial font). In this section, you should enter any degrees or training received. Include the name of the school or training school, the name of the degree or training and the date that it was completed.


  1. Next, you will enter the first main section of the resume, your work history. In bold Caps, 14 pt. Arial font, enter the title “Experience” or “Work History“both are equally acceptable. Under this section, you will enter your work history starting with the most recent or current employment. First enter the years spent at the job, month and year. Next, enter the name of the company, its city and state, then enter the position held at that company, and finally in bullet points, enter the duties of the position – Please note that when entering the responsibilities of the position, use active verbs, describe the duties in short sentences and be specific. You can also emphasize projects that you completed successfully that for example saved the company money and resources.


4. Label this section “Skills” (type it in bold caps, 14 pt. Arial font). In this section, enter any special skills that you have; for example, fluency in another language, proficiency in computer programs, and so on.


  1. Finally, go to File>Save, name your file and save it on your hard drive. We recommend you create a folder to save the resume as you will probably update it and create new versions of it. This way you can have one central place for their storage.


Remember that everything is available online, you can download this simple resume and start with that or you can access numerous types of resume styles by selecting File>New>Templates, or you can also search online at The templates can be downloaded for free.

These templates come formatted and many of them specify where and what information to insert for that particular template. The templates vary in font sizes, colors, layouts and sections. Some provide more details than others, so you can really tailor them to your particular needs.

If you don’t have experience in a specific industry/field, don’t worry, you can still prepare a resume that emphasizes other aspects, such as, education, training and skills. The important thing is to point out the knowledge that you have acquired of the industry via education/training first and then later on in the resume give a quick summary of your work history.