What Mom Never Told You About Christmas

christmas shopping photo


You want to know the busiest and most anxiety producing month of the year for moms, well, it’s the month of December.  I honestly don’t know how I survive it.  I used to enjoy it so much when I didn’t have kids – I mean I had my shopping madness and decorating anxiety but it was at another level.  Back then, the things that may have given me anxiety were deciding what I was going to buy myself for Christmas and where the hell I wanted to go for the break because I always took days off.  But when I became a mom and my kids started growing up, meaning they told me what they wanted for Christmas, this wonderful month became the month I mostly dreaded.  I wished my mom would have told me, so here it is, what mom never told you about Christmas.

Decorating is fun to see and painful to do – Sure the decorations are beautiful, but I start getting stress and anxiety attacks since before Thanksgiving.  My plan, I put up the Christmas tree and all, and I mean all the decorations that weekend.  If I don’t, then I know I won’t get to it and I won’t do it.

Are you ready to go into debt? – Yes, do you know the amount of money that is spent on that one month.  I need a plan every year.  I set a budget and we start saving like in August after all the money we spent for the back to school is paid off.  I try to plan a budget ahead; how much money I’ll spend on the kids’ toys? How much money are we going to spend on presents for family, friends, and teachers? If we are hosting Christmas Eve or New Years well, I budget that too, it’s expensive feeding a large group of family, friends and extended family on Christmas Eve, and if you throw a New Year’s party you need to think of the money to be spent on alcohol – alcohol is expensive.

Moms are the real elfs in Santa’s shop… – So when do I get to go shopping, I don’t like to think about it.  I usually plan to go at 8 am on a Saturday morning or Sunday – I hate the mall and I hate crowds because things run out and people get nasty in the mall specially during the happiest season of the year, how about that for an oxymoron!  I know I could order it online, but in order to get it before Christmas day, I have to order it by Thanksgiving weekend – although I have done this a couple of years and it has worked, I usually have to run to the store to get stuff no matter what.  Do you know when I shop online and do all the wrapping, well at inhuman hours of the night, in uncomfortable spaces like my hot garage or my closet when my kids are sleeping, and always in a hurry because they might show up.

You know what, it is stressful and anxiety producing but during all the craziness of the holidays, we moms we get it all done and although we may feel stressed and anxious, we do it with a lot of love and although our kids don’t know these things I have shared, it doesn’t matter because in the end, the holidays are the best season of the year, with stress, anxiety and all.  I’m a super hero, Santa has nothing on me – I’m the real elf and I get it all done for my family, and that’s a fact.