What Mom Really Wants for Christmas

Christmas is an awesome time, but also super duper tiresome at least for moms.  With all the shopping, entertaining, decorating, wrapping, cooking, and trying to keep our kids busy during the holiday school break, well sometimes everyone forgets that moms are the ones that make all the magic happen – including us moms.  But, now that I have taken a moment to think about this, I have really thought about what I as a mom want for Christmas, I mean really want for Christmas.  So to make your life easier, here is my list of what mom really wants for Christmas.

1. One night out with her girlfriends – I know, this is so expected but really, one night out with my girlfriends or my own sister for that matter would give me weeks of happiness and joy.  I’m lucky enough that my sister’s birthday is this month so you know what I like to plan, a “sister date” and it actually it’s more for me than her, though, she loves to hang with me, her only sister, but man, do I look forward to that “sister date” – I plan it with my husband, say bye to my kids and go out with my sister who is also my really close friend.

2. Bottles of wine – Yes, very simple and super predictable, but what can I say, nothing makes me happier this holiday season that stocking up on wine and knowing that I have all of January 2016 to drink it all, so yeah, happy new year to me.  Whenever someone asks me what I want for Christmas – it could be family, friends, people from work – I nicely say, “well you know, a bottle of wine would be fine.” I mean that.

3. Movie night – there are so many cool movies that are released during the holiday season that if you like movies like me, it’s a great thing do and ask of your loved ones.  If you don’t like going to the movies, replace that with whatever you want, a concert or dinner at a restaurant.

Anyways, I hope I made your  life a little easier trying to decipher for you what mom really wants for Christmas.  Really any of these three things would be great, but if you can do all three for mom, then that would be fantastic.