What Will Parenting Look Like in 20 Years?

I actually think the future will be awesome.  Life is depressing as it is if you focus on the negative.  And also if you are mom, well we know it’s not easy, right. But technology has made our lives so much better that I can only imagine how it will help us while parenting kids 20 years from now.  I’m not part of the doom and gloom club, because if you really think about it we have it way easier, or let me rephrase, we have more options in how we parent our children than what our parents had.  Think about it, I was born in the 1970s, so my mom didn’t have access to Pampers or Huggies, and the baby formula that was available back then was awful.  When my mom had my sister 8 years later, my mom tells me it was so much easier to take care of a baby.

My mom had access to Pampers, formula and good baby food.  And car seats were beginning to be standard for transporting babies in cars.  And now I compare her experience to mine 30 years later, and taking care of my baby was so much easier.  The products that I had available to take care of my baby were great.

The point is that as technology advances, we have access to better products that make our lives easier and safer when  taking care of infants, kids and teens.  The challenge of being a parent does not change, it’s still a life changing experience and you only learn as you go, even if you read the best blogs.  You usually have to figure it out by yourself as you go, but the options we have now make it a little easier and doable.  In 20 years, my daughter will be 30 and my son will be 26 years old.  I don’t know if any will be thinking of having kids, but if by that time they have already made me a grandmother, then I know there will be an app for anything and everything.  I’ll just look in my phone, and look for the app “New Grandma.”

I know that whatever questions my kids will have about parenting, there will be an app for that, a blog for that and millions of them.  From the moment that baby is minutes old, pictures and progress timelines will be all over social media being shared with our families, friends, and the world for that matter.   My daughter will probably won’t need to take the baby to the doctor for any question, because she’ll be able to do it online.  Her stay at the hospital will probably be hours instead of days after having a baby.  The apps and devices that will be available for newborns and infants will probably blow our minds.  In terms of health, my grandkids will be healthier and the allergies that their parents suffered will be nonexistent. For example, my son is extremely allergic to nuts – extreme as in it could cause death.  His kids will probably won’t have to worry about nuts or peanuts allergies because there will be a vaccine or medicine for that.

In 20 years because technology will give my kids so many other options that we have not even thought of, I think parenting will be very mobile, meaning it will easy and convenient to go out and travel with your infants and kids.  I think the concept of maternity leave will be archaic for both moms and dads because parents will be able to work remotely on whatever field they are in while taking care of their kids.  The balance between home and work will evolve into something that parents will choose for their life circumstances.  My daughter and son will probably determine how much time they need to be home with their baby and then they will choose how they will balance work and parenting.

I honestly don’t see my daughter for example having to choose to be a stay at home mom or a working mom, because she will have options to be whatever she wants to be at the time without the worry about returning to a work location away from her kid after 3 months or totally leaving work because she wants to stay with her kid.  I truly believe that in 20 years, my daughter as a mom will decide if she wants to continue working from home or taking her child to work with her.

When my grandkids go to school in 20 years, I know they will have many more options than today.  Just look at Udemy.com or Khan academy and you tell me how awesome learning and education will be in 20 years.  Children will probably be more outspoken in what they want from their families, they will have a say in the dynamics of how the family runs.

Entertainment will be tailored to the individual –  Just look at Netflix, all the programs that are available now.  My grandkids will not watch TV, they will choose what they want from their own devices starting at 1 or 2 years old.  Maybe they’ll choose the shows to watch based on how they feel at a particular moment, and their devices will pop out with a bunch of suggestions.

Yes, I think in 20 years, my kids will have so many more options available to parent better.  Kids will be stronger, healthier, faster and smarter.  The challenge my kids will have raising my future grandkids is how they will choose to use all the technology, products and information that they will have available to help them raise their own kids.  Just in case, I’m planning to live for a really long time, so maybe just maybe, they’ll ask me in 20 years how I did it and I’ll them how it was done in olden times.  Maybe what I learn today from raising them, will help them in 20 years along with the great stuff that they will access to.